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Our modes of service revolve around Passignano and different aspects waiting to be explored about the same. In partnership with upscalelivingmag, we aim to provide you with the latest luxury destination for exceptional wealth.

The country

The country

The calmness and serenity that you get to experience in these places is something that cannot be explained.
The territory

The territory

Spanning across kilometres, this particular territory gifts your eyes with some iconic visuals and stories.
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The municipality

With appropriate policies and procedures, this municipality opens the door for the right kind of aspects waiting to keep you thrilled.

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Every vacation deserves a day at the farm, and you need to give yourself the same by coming on board with us.
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Loaded with the right kind of features and aspects, our options display some of the best holidays for an ideal stay.


Come and experience the excitement and adventure of camping at different places with the help of our services.

Pizzerias, Pub

As an ode to the evening, you can come and visit this classic PUB that is known all around the place.


On The Northern Slopes Of The Trasimeno, Where The Lake Meets The Rock

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  • Travel experience is one of the very unique and magnificent experiences. Travelling to different places can enrich your inner peace and skills. It will make you more confident and feed you with self-reliance and satisfaction. If you are looking for some amazing attractions in Umbria, then you are on the right page.  And then at night, you might want to find the best casinos ekurd that offers the most addictive casino games to play. In this article, we are going to unfold some amazing attracting spots in Umbria.

    1.     Perugia

    Perugia is one of the medical art collections in the world. Perugia is Umbria’s and Italy’s regional capital. It is one of the biggest cities with wonderful city extensions with modern outskirts. It has engulfed the ultimate beauty of the medieval era. If you are an art lover and wants to experience the incredible collection of artefacts, then Perugia is the right option. Perugia

    2.    Jazz festival

    If you have heard about jazz music, then you have heard about the splendid Umbria’s musical event. It is the world popular musical event that takes place in Umbria in the middle of July - more info here in case you need complete information about music festivals. In the event, the wonderful and dynamic artists like Quincy Jones, Gilberto Gil and David Byrne perform. People from all around the world take part in this event to experience the mind-blowing musical environment.

    3.    Assisi, the town of San Francesco

    Assisi is the home town of the holy saint San Francesco, who was born in 1181. Today it is one of the World Heritage sites in Italy. Assisi is not just limited for this, but has great beauty of tourism and possesses one of the overwhelming ancient streets, white stone edifices, compounds and palaces. It is also considered as the sunset spots due to the mount Subasio. Go here

    4.    Ester Station Cross at Assisi

    If you have heard of the “Cross of passion” or “Passion of Christ”, then it takes place in the very in the Ester station of Assisi. It is the traditional way of moving around the station to commemorate the suffering of Lord Christ. It hosts one of the most poignant Stations of the Cross of Italy.

    5.    Spello

    Spello is one of the magnificent landscapes of Umbria. It is considered as a very glaring and delightful town that depicts the medieval age. There are very few but most elegant and spectacular monuments to visit, like Santa Maria Maggiore Church and the contributions of Pinturicchio. The town of Spello is one of the very beautiful and pretty places to hangout for some kind of inner peace. The town of the scape is calm and soothing. It is in the narrow alleys of Umbria with white stones buildings, churches, compounds and other vast and tiny edifices. 6

    6.   Spoleto

    Spoleto city is known as the city of Romance. The place is filled with wonderful views and incredible destinations. It has varieties of medieval age buildings, hotels and even restaurants. It has a picture-perfect view, lakes with bridges, beautiful flowing trees and so on.   Link here

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